William Branham was born in the spring of April 6, 1909 into a very poor family, far away in the mountains of southern Kentucky. near Burkesville, not far from where Abraham Lincoln was born a hundred years earlier. He weighed only 5 pounds at birth. His mother was 15, and his father was 18. A few minutes after his birth in a tiny one-room cabin, a very unusual event occurred after the midwife had washed and settled him near his mother, who was herself a child.


As there were no panes in the windows of the Branham house at that time, the passage of the breeze and light was controlled by the opening and closing of the wooden shutters.

And when his dad opened the shutter just at dawn, there was a little robin singing with all his strength. A small light about thirty centimeters in diameter entered in swirling at the same time and shone intensely above the bed where the mother and child were lying.


At the sight of this light, the midwife and the parents began to cry; they were frightened and did not understand the meaning of it all. It was not until many years later that those who knew of the existence of this light understood that God had his hand over this man, in view of a great ministry for the people of the earth. Since then, this light has been seen by thousands of people, and it is undoubtedly the same light that can be seen in the photograph taken in Houston, Texas, during the January 1950 campaign. It was the beginning of a supernatural life that would change the face of the modern Christian world.


In the Branham family, they made no case of religion in any form whatsoever.    William Branham's grandfather had been a Catholic, but his father and mother did not go to church. They got married outside the church and did not seem to be interested in Christianity.


When he was about ten days old, they brought their child to the church. William Branham talked about this episode of the story of his life as following: “ Well, after I had got up maybe ten days old, or something, they taken me up to a little Baptist church called “Opossum Kingdom,” Opossum Kingdom Baptist church. That’s quite a name. There was an old circuit preacher, the old-fashioned Baptist preacher came through there about once every two months. On…The people would have a little service together, they’d go sing some songs, but they had preaching every so often on the circuit rider. They paid him each year with a sack of pumpkins and a few things like that, you know, that the people would raise to give it. And the old preacher came by, and there he offered prayer for me as a little boy. That was my first trip to church.”


Between an alcoholic father and a family that did not practice any religion, everything suggested that he was doomed to fail. Yet, against all odds, Brother Branham grew up to become a powerful man of God. At the age of about 38, he prayed in a small trapping shelter north of his home in Jeffersonville, Indiana. It was at this time, late at night, that the Angel of the Lord came to visit him to give him the commission to pray for the sick.


Among other things, the Angel of The Lord told him this:


                                             "If you are sincere when you pray and get the people to believe you, nothing                                                                                                              shall stand before your prayers, not even cancer."

All doubts were gone. Brother Branham now had his commission and it was with confidence that he answered the call. It was the beginning of a worldwide healing revival.


Brother Branham’s ministry marked the beginning of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit since the day of Pentecost. Hundreds of thousands of people attended the Branham campaigns. Thousands were healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Other evangelists such as Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborne and A.A. Allen soon followed Brother Branham and began their own revivals of healing. The Lord poured out His blessings like never before. The healing hand of Jesus- Christ touched His people again.


Brother Branham's ministry was unparalleled. He proved that Jesus Christ is as alive today as He was when he walked along the shores of Galilee. Like the Apostle Paul, Brother Branham showed that the Gospel came not only in words, but also by power! The revelation of the hidden mysteries and the power of God manifested have combined into one very special ministry. Just as the scribes transcribed the sermons of the Prophets of the Bible, Brother Branham's sermons were recorded on tape. Today, we cherish these recordings.


Brother Branham has died in December 1965, following a tragic car accident. God brought His servant back home but He left us these recordings that are so precious to our hearts.


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