If ever a continent was a burden on Brother Branham's heart, it was Africa. Already in 1947, he was planning his first missionary trip to Africa and was convinced, even before making this trip, that his ministry would have a great harvest among the black people.


                                “I believe when I get into those dark lands of Africa over there, where those poor people that’s deprived and set back,

                                 I believe there’ll be literally thousands times thousands of them accept our Lord Jesus when they see His power”


                                                                                           51-0502 - The Angel Of The Lord §50


Indeed, Brother Branham's visit to South Africa in 1951 remained one of the most glorious moments in his ministry and in the history of the Gospel, in view of the unheard-of wonders accomplished and the number of conversions that followed. The prophet never stopped talking about the meetings in Durban, where thirty thousand pure pagans were able to break the idols at the same time in order to give their lives to Christ.


Around the 1956s, God recommended him in a vision to go to Africa again; but under pressure from his managers, he went first to India. Suddenly he became very sick during this journey and a light appeared in the bathroom and gave him this reprimand:


“I thought I told you to ‘Go to Africa, first’.”

   57-0915E - Hebrews, Chapter Seven #1§ 46

It thus appears that the burden for Africa was not caused by a mere desire of the prophet to go and evangelize the pagan regions, but it was God Himself who wanted to use this particular ministry among the people of Africa. And understanding the Lord's will in relation to the continent of Simon of Cyrene, Brother Branham even said:


                           “I feel that my meetings will never be a success until I go right straight back and make that thing right.

                            No matter what I do, it’s Africa, first, ’cause you’ve got to do it.”

   57-0915E – Hebrews, Chapter Seven #1 § 47


Finally, when Brother Branham made his last trip to South Africa in 1965, he was not allowed to preach, as the country's government was influenced by the leaders of the denominations. Below are the last words of the prophet as he left Africa with tears in his eyes on May 27, 1965.

The messenger

I will preach again in Africa

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