There is so many great things! No doubt, there is many of those people, attended those meetings, are with the Lord now. I have gotten old, too, since then. It won’t be too long till my time to go up, then we will be together forever, no visas. I feel like bringing the Message. But it is written in the Scripture, “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” I’m expecting to meet you here in a few moments, shake your hand and have fellowship again together. I appreciate all these fine men. I wish I had all my brethren, in Africa, here today, of all the denominations, that we could just get together and talk, all evening. And I would like to hear what the Lord has been doing over here for you. I would like to tell you what He’s doing for us across the sea. Maybe He will permit that, some day. Until that day, I’ll be praying for you, and you be praying for me. God bless you.”


After this trip, Brother Branham was still burning with the desire to return to his African brothers, when he received so many calls from all over America. He wonders about this and at the same time gives an answer that leaves no one indifferent:


                                   « Why would I have to go to Africa, when I got six, seven hundred cities right here in the United States, calling,                                      see, just right here, without leaving Canada, Mexico, or any of those places? Why should I want to go there? But                                     it’s something in my heart, that pulls me to Africa. »...

                                     « I feel they’re the ones that looks like they would receive It. They’re the ones. »


Honteux de Lui  65-0711 § 33



Yes, God's plan in this last day was to bring the Message of Malachi 4 living, this true gospel, to the people of Africa. Indeed, throughout the ages, God has visited the countries of the East and West in an extraordinary way. Great men of God have brought revivals that have swept across entire continents. After the Dark Ages, God visited Europe successively through Luther and Wesley who brought the true Gospel and many souls were saved and entered the Kingdom of God. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the gospel, travelling in the same direction as the sun, went to the West, to the United States. The Pentecostal revival then set America ablaze, thus preparing the advent of the Message of the End Time. ​

During all this time, Africa has generally remained in the darkness of superstition and idolatry. It is true that missionaries have come to settle in Africa, but it is a social and powerless gospel that they bring, in any case a dying gospel with rather political aims. What could be more normal that God, in his love and mercy, wanted to visit Africa with the last living Message through the ministry of William Marrion Branham. It was therefore the time for a great revival to break out on the black continent.

​​This explains the impressive number of believers of the Message in Africa. It will not be wrong to think that the Bride of the end time will be mostly African since it is here that the last Message had the greatest harvest.

Le Messager

Je Prêcherais encore en Afrique 

“This is one of the highest moments of my life. I have waited fifteen years for this time. My heart has longed to see you again, ever since I left you. I have prayed very much, to get to come back. And a few weeks ago, I was under great anticipation, believing that I would get to come and have a meeting. But when I got the visa, “restricted,” I almost had a heart attack. I wanted to come so bad!


But I still believe that, through God, I will minister again, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, among the people of Africa. God has promised to give us the desire of our heart, and that’s one of the desires of my heart. I can remember the great meetings here in Johannesburg. I remember the boy with the short leg, coming long again, normal. And the lady, that the little girl was healed from a back condition, and her mother fainted and fell back in the—the cot.


[The interpreter speaks in English, “Brother Branham, that was my wife’s cousin.”—Ed.] Your wife…Oh! 

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