Ceremony’s Report of the end of the translation into French of the 1206 Messages preached in English by the prophet of God William Marrion Branham.

On Friday, May 31, 2013, Shekinah Publications translators in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa, completed the French translation of all of brother Branham's messages with the sermon entitled "The Uncertain Sound" (preached  in English on December 18, 1960, in Jeffersonville, U.S.A.) which they handed over to The Reverend Pastor Diyoka.  


On Monday, June 3, 2013, the 23rd anniversary of Shekinah Tabernacle, the official and solemn handover of this last sermon translated into French took place during a small ceremony held in private in the grounds of the Bethany Village.in the presence of all the agents of Shekinah Publications, some Pastors, Ministers, Members of the Support Group and believers present for this purpose.


The ceremony began around 6 p.m. in front of the Shekinah Publications Administrative Building. The event being historic, the grandstand had been well decorated. It was to the rhythm of the song "they are beautiful" that the twelve translators and the three encoders calmly walked to the place reserved for them on this occasion. It was difficult for them to hold back their tears, yes, tears of joy from good and faithful servants who finally had reached the end of the road.


After a word of prayer from Pastor Ngoy of the city of Lukala, Brother Jean Mpiana pronounced the word of circumstance. The latter then invited Sister Elhen Nsonsa to give the 1206th and final sermon translated into French by Shekinah Publications to the Reverend Pastor Richard Diyoka. Today, the Bride of the French-speaking world has the French translation of all the sermons preached in English by the prophet of God William Marrion Branham.


On this occasion, Reverend Pastor Diyoka thanked the Lord Jesus Christ for His grace. He also thanked the servants of God, his Church Shekinah Tabernacle, all the workers of Shekinah Publications as well as the support group for their encouragement, prayers and offerings. He went on to show the difficulties of this immense work, difficulties comparable to those encountered by those who worked hard to make us have the Holy Bible today. Accordingly, he presented the overall statistics of the work done by Shekinah Publications for 17 years; that is,1206 messages translated from English to French, 808 messages printed in French for a total of 40,730,229 brochures and 33,479,578 distributed (excluding 147 titles published in national languages and 117 in foreign languages). He also pointed out that there is still a lot of work to do in printing all translated messages. Finally, he announced that Shekinah Publications would soon make available to the French-speaking World Bride all the messages translated into French in electronic format to facilitate the search (in a folio).


The ceremony ended with the reading of the Victor's Poem, the Reverend Pastor Diyoka released seven doves and presented two bouquets of flowers as well as a symbolic envelope to each of the translators. Forming a circle with them, the Pastor sang Amazing Grace and an overall prayer was offered in favor of those he called victors. The evening continued with a short presentation of the other services of Shekinah Publications which the pastor also thanked. A cake and juice were offered to all in attendance before the souvenir photo session closed the ceremony.



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