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A few months after the acquisition of a large piece of land located on the other side of Lumumba Boulevard in relation to the current Shekinah Tabernacle, by the Reverend Richard Diyoka, the new Shekinah Tabernacle is taking shape. A beautiful framework of the Tabernacle overhangs today this vast swampy area that was bathed by a large pond some time ago.


The site is called MORIAH in memory of the sacred Mount on which Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice and where Solomon built the temple for the Lord, the God of Israel.


Recall that the plan of the building as well as the manufacture of the frame materials were made in Europe. The assembly was executed under the direction of the expatriate and local engineers members of Shekinah Tabernacle. The workforce consists mainly of the young believers of our church trained at the National Institute of Professional Preparation (INPP) at the expense of Reverend Pastor Richard Diyoka.



As the images show, it took a titan’s work to see rise today, on what was once a marshy ground, this splendid building originally planned of 70x70 meters. The whole metal frame is well laid.  

Shekinah  Tabernacle

Construction of the new "Morijah" Temple

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