The vision of the bride of Christ

«And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.»

                                                                                                                                      Matthew 24:14




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1209 Messages

S hekinah Publications considers it a subject of great joy that God granted us to complete the French translation of 1209 sermons preached by the prophet of God William Marrion Branham from 1947 to 1965. Currently Shekinah Publications has the ability to print millions of books in different languages.

And since the truth should not be held captive, we are pleased to announce that since June 2016, Shekinah Publications has made available to you full version of the Message in French in a program called KOSHER (Infobase folio Views) containing 1209 messages from 1947 to 1965 for the edifying and the perfecting of the body of Christ​.

This KOSHER program contained in a USB stick (Flash Disk) that you will install on your computer, allows you to do research on various topics, quotes of which the prophet spoke and print the booklet you want.


May the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ be blessed for granting us this Special Grace.




The tape ministry is a worldwide thing, everywhere. I think it’s one way God has got scattering the Message back into the heathen lands, back in where that it has to be translated.


(63-1128M – Testimony. Shreveport, Louisiana- U.S.A.)


And now, in this, it doesn’t exactly mean that I’m speaking this to this congregation present, but these tapes go around the world. They’re translated in, practically, oh, a great deal of the languages, even into the heathen lands around the world. We send them tapes, free, on a society of the church. And they’re translated. And all out through the jungles of Africa, and to India, and around the world, goes these tapes.


(65-0429E - The Choosing Of A Bride - Los Angeles - U.S.A.)


And that’s the reason I chose today this subject, for my last for a while for the tabernacle, on end-time evangelism. And when we are doing mission work or foreign mission, with the Word of God, we know we’re always in the will of God, because Jesus’ first commission to His church was “Go out and preach the Gospel.” This last commission was to preach the Gospel.


(62-0603 - The End-Time Evangelism, Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.)

Therefore when God sent forth His prophets, His messengers of the Testament, He spoke to one man, and that man had to bring the Message. Others went from him, everywhere, bringing the same Message. But there had to be one headquarters. God has always had it. I’m thankful He has got it tonight; that’s the Holy Ghost, of course, we all know. Now, not some group, but the Holy Spirit is God’s Headquarters. That’s God’s Messenger of the hour.


(63-0116 - The Evening Messenger, Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A.)

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