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Listen and download the audio Bible / mp3 format. 

A complete biblical tool that will help you to meditate on the Word of God.

As a Christian, we must take a time of meditation every day to grow in the knowledge of God. For the success of our Christian life will depend on the quality of our relationship with the Word of God.


That is why the Shekinah Missions team has invested time in developing biblical tools that will help you meditate on the Bible. Starting today, get into the good habit of listening and listening again to the audio Bible every day. Remember that you become what you regularly hear


You can listen to the audio Bible in French. The audio player offers the advantage of being able to read the chapters of the same book one after the other. For example, when you listen to Genesis chapter 1, at the end this chapter, the audio Bible player will go directly to Genesis 2 and so on. We wish you a pleasant listening on!


May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you!

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