Christian School Ark of Moses

T oday, our youth has become a prey for the devil who depraves and manipulates it at will through music, obscene films, television, the internet and above all the breakdown of the school system due to the complete rejection of true biblical teaching.

Juvenile delinquency is gaining ground, that of parents is associated with it, churches are in the pay of the devil with preachers without Holy Spirit, and even without morals. School produces nothing: we enter it well, we get out twice child from hell. Our youth has no longer a model worthy of this name. Its only reference (television, Nintendo, the internet...) is made up of rudeness, violence, early sexuality. Youth has a sick and completely ruined conscience.


The devastation of the devil is global. Everywhere there are complaints about the behavior of young people, in fulfillment of the Bible's prophecies about the rebellion of children. What future should we expect for our society in general and for the youth of Shekinah Tabernacle especially? Will we have to remain passive and suffer all these planned disasters without acting, when we have the Holy Bible and this glorious and powerful end time Message?


Referring to the Old Testament, we can see Jochebed and Amram building an "arch" to protect Moses from the massacre ordered by Pharaoh. In the New Testament, Joseph and Mary, divinely warned, fled to Egypt to protect the Child Jesus from the genocide planned and orchestrated by Herod. The founding fathers of the United States, aware of the impact of the Word of God in shaping human beings, have placed great importance on the teaching of the Bible in schools and made very important statements about it. This is what made America a very great nation, which produced eminent personalities like Abraham Lincoln.


Faced with this scourge that tends to ravage the youth of Shekinah Tabernacle, we were led to establish the Christian School, Ark of Moses (ECAMO), within the Shekinah Foundation, to serve as a shelter for our children. The main goal of this Bible school is to keep our children away from the polluted influence of the world, Bible learning must come first. Indeed, we have understood that the Word must take care of the child while his brain is still virgin. So, at the end of his studies, he will be a fully man made. Magistrate or lawyer, he will be aware that corruption goes against the Bible; doctor, he will be aware that voluntary abortion is murder; for the public manager, theft is a sin. It is therefore only such good citizens who will form a society where it will be good to live.


We know that in the midst of those who follow this Message, critics speak out to condemn this initiative. The people God has entrusted to me know that this is not a matter of money. They are already seeing the results on more than a thousand children who are enrolled. There is still a long way to go, but we are relying on God's grace to arrive at a model society like we find one in America with the Amish. Therefore, it is the bastion of an education where the most fundamental spiritual, moral and social values are dispensed and preserved.


Your Servant


Richard Diyoka Nsanguluja

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